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Francken Family has a long history going a long way back to the 16th century. Our court of arms has three fishes. Unfortunately, there is no story behind it left for us and we only can guess what these three fishes represent.

From 16th century our family has minimum one lawyer in every generation. The youngest is Wendela Francken who works in the Netherlands as a Dutch lawyer. Our family has interesting collection of the old law books which our grant-grant…parents saved for us. The oldest printed book is from MDCLXIV in Roman numerals which is 1664. The oldest notebook with handwriting notes of our family students is from 1652.

As a family business we like to take care about your family, your family wealth and help you with your family business. Your family can live around the globe: in Australia or in Russia, in France or in UK, - we are global citizens and understand the issues the international families have.