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Philanthropy Advice

IN Fiduciary Services offers advice and assistance to clients who are interested to support charitable causes in their own country or in cross-border giving. In this capacity we assist in trust structures, foundations, succession planning, charity and legal matters. Where necessary we work with professional tax advisors.

Our international experience in this area is going back to the 1990’s when Irina Francken worked with ADRA, a major international NGO supporting many projects world-wide and Nico Francken was on the board of a development consulting firm (ETC Foundation, Leusden, the Netherlands) for more than twelve years. He also was on the board of Triodos Bank and Triodos Foundation in the Netherlands actively supporting many worthy causes in health, education, alternative agriculture and others.

Our services include evaluation of the project towards a realistic strategy, its financial needs and the review of the effectiveness of the use of the donated funds.

Our services are rendered on a time and attendance basis and generally
charged to the donor.